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Player Uniforms

Q: What color are the jerseys that Cooperstown All Star Village provides the Players?

A: Each player will receive a white home jersey and a navy blue away jersey.

Q: What are all the items that the players receive from Cooperstown All Star Village?

A: Each player will receive the following: A CASV hat, a white home jersey & a navy blue away jersey, a navy blue warm up jacket, and two pairs of navy blue socks.

Q: Does CASV provide the players with pants?

A: No, Cooperstown All Star Village does not provide the players with pants, the players are required to bring their own pants. We recommend bringing two pairs.

Q: What color and style can the pants be?

A: CASV requires that the player pants be white because we use bleach in our wash cycle. The pants can be either knicker (shorter pant style that ends at the knee) or the long pant style. The pants can have piping of any color down the side.

Q: Can players request their numbers?

A: Players can request their number within the range we offer. Jersey numbers are based on size. Ex: #’s 1-10 are a youth XL, #’s 11-22 are Adult Small and so on. Once the uniforms are given to the coaches (at team check-in), they can then determine who gets what number.

Q: Can players wear stirrup socks?

Yes, the players can wear stirrup socks.


Coaches Uniforms

Q: What do the coaches receive as a uniform from Cooperstown All Star Village?


A: The coaches will receive two polos (one tan and one navy blue), a CASV hat and a warm up jacket.

Q: Do the Coaches have to wear baseball pants?

A: No, the coaches can wear whatever is comfortable for them to coach. A lot of coaches wear khaki shorts, athletic shorts, or sweatpants.



Q: How many games does each team play?

A: Each team is guaranteed 7 games (WEATHER PERMITTING) 6 pool play games and 1 playoff game. The playoff bracket is single elimination.

Q: What happens when there is a rain delay?

A: Each coach is required to give their cell phone number upon arrival for the notification system. If there is inclement weather, CASV directors will make the call when and if games should stop playing due to field conditions. If a game is called due to weather conditions each coach is required to have their device on them and stand by until further notice. The CASV baseball director will notify each coach through the notification system when the schedule will be moving forward.

Cooperstown All Star Village Rules about playing fields:

  • Players and Coaches that have the CASV wristband and have paid the player/coach fee are allowed in the player and coach dugout. Everyone who wishes to be in the dugout or on the field during games coaching or keeping book are required to have the CASV wristband. If someone is caught in the player and coach dugout without the wristband on they will be removed from the dugout by CASV staff.

  • Parents and spectators have separate seating away from the players and coaches dugout. Each spectator dugout is covered and is equipped with seating. No spectator’s will be allowed on the field during a game.

  • There is NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY during game play. Spectators are permitted to have ONLY cell phone or tablet cameras in the parent/spectator dugouts. Absolutely no extended camera lens, tripods, selfie sticks or drones are allowed anywhere on the CASV property. CASV has a professional photography service during games.

  • There is no outside food, beverages or coolers allowed down by the fields.

  • Coaches are responsible for the actions of their teams players and fans. CASV policy is to cheer on both teams.

  • Cooperstown All Star Village does not allow any horns or other noise makers on the property.

  • Players, Coaches, Umpires and all Spectators are required to be respectful to all those participating in the tournament and the CASV facility.


Q: When will the schedules be posted?

A: The schedules for each week will be posted on our website the Day 5 prior to your teams arrival date. The coaches will have a hard copy of the schedule provided to them upon arrival. CASV game schedule is done randomly to give each team the opportunity to play teams from different areas. The staff will do their best to give each team the opportunity to play teams from various states.  

Q: When will the playoff schedule be posted?

The playoff bracket is based on seeding which is determined by the results of the pool play games. Each coach and team will receive the seeding at the Day 4 meeting after pool play is completed. Seeding is based on wins and losses. If there is a tie the following will determine the seeding: runs allowed and runs scored. If there is still a tie after that the CASV staff will have a second tie breaker.

Check In

Q: When can teams check in?

A: All teams that are participating in the Cooperstown All Star Village tournament are required to check in on Opening Day. Only Head Coach can check team in between the time of 9:00 am and 2:00pm. Player Village does not open until 11:00AM Opening Day. If teams have a conflicting travel schedule please call 1-800-327-6790 ext. 102 to let the staff know.

Q: Is there early check in for teams?

A: Cooperstown All Star Village will not allow early check in for teams. Each team is required to find other accommodations if they plan on arriving early. There will also be no access to the bunkhouses, the fields or the restaurant. The CASV Gear Store is open daily.

Q: Where do the teams check in?

A: The Coach will check in their team on the courtyard next to the Gear Store and across the walkway from the bat shops. There will be two large white tents and the team check ins  starts there. Only the coaches are required for team check in. Coaches please be sure to have copies of all required paperwork with you.

Q: When can people check in for the onsite hotel rooms?

A: Onsite Hotel check-in is from 1:00 pm to 4:30pm on Opening Day. The hotel check-in will be in the Promenade area near the Laser Bat Shop.

Q: Where can I see photos of the hotel rooms at Cooperstown All Star Village?

A: View our lodging gallery or you can find them on our Facebook page.

Opening Ceremonies & Skills Competitions

Q: When are Opening Ceremonies?

A: Opening Ceremonies are Opening Day at 6:15 pm located on field 28 (the Championship Field). Opening Ceremonies will include the following: state cheer competition, team spirit competition, special items for moms and dads and the introduction of the teams.

Q: When do skills competitions start?

A: The Skills Competitions will immediately follow Opening Ceremonies.

Q: What are the skills competitions?

A: The skills competitions at Cooperstown All Star Village has teams participating in the Fastest Team Relay, Fastest Player in Camp, Fastest Double Play and Home Run Derby. 

The Bunkhouses

Q: What are the bunkhouses like?

A: Cooperstown All Star Village bunkhouses include the following: A 55-inch flat screen TV with cable, two full sized beds for the coaches, and twin sized beds (bunks) for the players, air conditioning, garbage can, a large storage bin outside the bunks to keep personal items safe (padlock not included).

Q: Do the bunkhouses lock?

A: The bunkhouses do not have locks on them because it is against New York State fire code to have locks on the doors in our bunks. We provide a storage bin outside each bunkhouse for locking purposes. The Coaches are responsible for bringing their own padlock.

Q: Do the players and coaches have to bring bedding?

A: Yes, the players and coaches have to bring their own bedding. The players will bring twin size bedding and the coaches would bring full size bedding. They may bring sleeping bags instead of bedding if they prefer. They will have to bring their own pillows as well. There are stores in the area that carry these items should you forget or not want to travel with them. For your convenience we have created a players checklist located HERE.

Q: How many players and coaches can stay in the bunkhouses?

A: The bunkhouses at Cooperstown All Star Village hold 18-20 total participants.

Q: Where do female players stay when they attend Cooperstown All Star Village?

A: Any female player or coach that attends Cooperstown All Star Village stays in a private room in the infirmary.  They have a private shower and bathroom located in the same building.

Team Laundry Services

Q: Is the Laundry done for the team each night?

A: The team’s laundry will be taken care of by the Cooperstown All Star Village starting Day 2 for 4 nights.

Q: What items does the CASV staff launder?

A: The Cooperstown All Star Village washes the players and coaches’ uniforms which include the following: baseball pants, jerseys, socks and polo shirts. All other items: personal sliding pants, undershirts, heart guard shirts, and t-shirts are the team's responsibility.

Team Laundry MUST be ready not more than one hour after your game has ended to be processed, if not your laundry cannot be processed by our team laundry. 

Please Note:

  • The team laundry process will be gone over during the coaches meeting on Opening Day. Any questions you may have you can ask the director of team laundry at that meeting.


Trading Pins

Q: Do kids trade pins at Cooperstown All Star Village?

A: Yes, players, coaches and staff members at Cooperstown All Star Village trade pins. We ask all teams to participate in the pin trading if they are able to.

Q: How many pins should I get?

A: It depends on how many teams are participating each week. Cooperstown usually suggests at least 5-10 pins more than the number of teams per week. This way they have enough to trade with everyone.

Q: Where should I get trading pins from?

A: We work closely with a pin company called First Place Pins. You can, of course, order them from any other source you might have.


Food Services and Meals

Q: What is the Family BBQ?

A: Every Opening Day from 2:00 - 4:00 pm we offer a Family BBQ in our large 50 State Arena. The BBQ is free to coaches, players and umpires (anyone with a wristband). 

Q: What do I do if my player has food allergies?

A: We can accommodate most food allergies and other dietary restrictions. Please go to the Tavern when you arrive and ask to speak to the Head Chef. He will discuss your players particular dietary needs with you.

Q: Where and when do the players get their meals?

A: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the Player Pavilion behind the Tavern. Meal times and the menu will be listed in the Coaches Packet at check-in.

Q: What if a team misses a meal time?

A: Coaches ONLY can request bag lunches from the Tournament Director if their game times conflict with meal times.  We do our best to allow for meals when we schedule the games.

Q: Can I bring my own food or food for my player?

A: No outside food OTHER THAN BOTTLED WATER is permitted in the Player Village, the Tavern, the Overlook or in the ballfield area.  Coolers are not allowed in the ballfield area. Outside food is permitted ONLY in your hotel room (if you are staying on site) or in the Courtyard/Promenade area.


Other Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a parking fee?

A: Parking is free in all of our parking areas.

Q: How do I catch a ride in one of the golf carts?

A: There is a Shuttle Stop in front of the Tavern. The golf carts continuously patrol the area but there are no specified areas to wait. Just watch for and hail them like a taxi!

Q: Can I bring a hoverboard or scooter?

A: We do not allow any skateboards, hoverboards, “heelys”, scooters, bicycles or any other similar items anywhere on the property of the Cooperstown All Star Village.

Q: Do you offer a shuttle service to any off-site attractions?

A: We do not offer any off-site transportation.  There are several taxi services in the area as well as car rental agencies.

Q: How do I reserve an onsite hotel room?

A: To reserve a room onsite please complete the On Site Room Agreement.

You will need to email or fax the agreement to us here at the Cooperstown All Star Village. We will email you a reservation confirmation when we have processed your request.  There is a 50% non-refundable deposit required at the time of your reservation. The remaining balance can be paid at check-in.

Q: Is there Wifi in the hotel rooms for the Onsite lodging?

A: Yes, There is free wifi available in guest rooms, the courtyard and the tavern.

Q: Are animals allowed at the Cooperstown All Star Village?

A: Pets are not allowed at Cooperstown All Star Village. This includes comfort/emotional support/therapy animals. Service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability are welcome.

Q: Where can I smoke at the Cooperstown All Star Village?

A: While we would prefer that there is no smoking here at the Cooperstown All Star Village we do allow smoking in the parking areas.

Q: What airport should I fly in to?

While there are several airports to choose from the closest is Albany International Airport (about 90 minutes). Hancock International Airport in Syracuse, NY is about 2 hours. The NYC area airports (LaGuardia, Kennedy & Newark NJ) are all about 3 - 3.5 hours, depending on traffic. There are also smaller regional airports in Binghamton, NY (1 hour), Elmira NY (2 hours) and Newburgh, NY (Stewart International - 2.5 hours)


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