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Our Bunkhouses

The players’ bunkhouses at Cooperstown Player Village is just one of the things that make our facilities a true baseball resort.

Players bunk with their teams in fully air-conditioned bunkhouses. Each team bunkhouse room is equipped with a flat-screen television, access to vending machines and, right outside, an in-ground pool shaped like a catcher’s mitt.

Per NYS law the bunkhouses can not have any locks on the doors or windows. Windows shall not be covered with anything that inhibits clear line of sight. Any violation of this law will result in legal action.

The Player Village is staffed around the clock for safety and security of players.

The bunkhouses are just part of the Players Village, once an expansive estate built in the 1930s around the same time as the National Baseball Hall of Fame, with breathtaking views in every direction.

We have also have on-site accommodations that feature all the amenities you would expect from a resort -- an arcade, swimming pool, coin-operated laundry room, and more.


Team Laundry

As part of your players/coaches package we include laundry service for players/coaches uniforms.

For Players, this includes home and away jerseys, two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks only.

For Coaches, this includes home and away polo shirts and shorts only.

All personal items can be laundered at our public laundry open 24/7.

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