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Catch the action as it’s happening

Never miss a moment of the action! Thanks to our friends at Pixellot, you don’t have to.

Baseball players in action on Cooperstown live stream


Get FREE access to live streams of select events including:

  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Skills Competition
  • Championship Game


Create an account to PURCHASE a 30 Day-Pass for $99 to gain access to premium content. Your subscription includes the ability to:

  • Live Stream any game from any field
  • Enjoy new multi-camera HD feeds that capture all the action
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Remember your Cooperstown Experience Forever

Your personalized highlight reel delivered right to you. Our partners at Pixellot captured every hit and home run from your week at Cooperstown All Star Village, now it’s time to share with your family and friends.

Highlight Package Includes:

  • Clips of all offensive base hits and home runs
  • One finished video with all hits, your player name and number
  • The ability to download clips and complete highlight reel
  • All delivered in 48 hours
  • Please Note: Highlight Package does not include streaming access

Team Photos

Memorialize your experience with professional action photography. Register in advance to ensure you don’t miss a moment of the action.

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